Athlone Community College

Athlone Community College


Athlone Community College is a 9600sqm secondary school of 1000 students located in a school cluster to the east of Athlone town centre in a generally suburban context of low-density housing on a sloping site falling approximately 4 metres south to north. The key strategic design decision was to adopt a three storey format but rearranging the site levels to position the arrivals/setdown area (and the coplanar main entrance) on the middle floor of this three storey building. Commendations and Awards:

2016 AAI Awards – Special Mention Award – Athlone Community College
2015 RIAI Awards – Best Educational Building – Award Winner
2015 RIAI Awards – Best Universal Design – Commended Award
2015 Irish Building + Design Awards – School Building of the Year Award – Winner

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