Collaboratively Designing Dublin

Collaboratively Designing Dublin


FLOOD, N., 2014. Collaboratively Designing Dublin. PhD Dublin: Trinity College Dublin.

The current scope, as provided for under statute, for participating in the development of Dublin, is limited. However, Designing Dublin, an experimental city revitalisation initiative, which was supported by Dublin City Council, presented a potentially promising approach for collaboratively developing cities. This initiative project brought together a diverse team of volunteers and local authority staff, and used a human-centred design process to develop and prototype a range of place-specific projects. This research investigated this initiative, as a model for collaboratively revitalising cities in decline and it was carried out, using a hybrid method of participant observation and design research – through full and complete involvement as one of twelve members of the design team. Diagramming and visualisation techniques were used to encapsulate the complexity of the design process. The analysis of Designing Dublin provided significant insights into the nuances of collaboration, public participation and co-design of the urban realm.

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