7th Annual AIARG Conference at Queen’s University, Belfast

7th Annual AIARG Conference at Queen’s University, Belfast


Registration is open for Res Publica: the 7th annual All Ireland Architecture Research Group (AIARG) conference, held by Queen’s University, Belfast on 25th-26th January


25th January:

18:00 Keynote Speech

Cooke’s Camden: The Making of Modern Housing

Professor Mark Swenarton (University of Liverpool)

19:00 – 2100 Conference Dinner


26th January

09:00 – 18:00 Paper Sessions


AIARG 7 explores the relationship between architecture and the broader territory of the public realm. The term res publica defines a public affair and architecture is necessarily the most public of the arts: to engage in architecture is to engage in a public discourse. The relationship between architecture and its publics is a complicated one. A public art requires reciprocity between the public and private realms but much of the built environment is designed and built for and by private individuals. Yet the process of design, even for a private commission, is also potentially a public art in that it establishes a collective forum, a sort of res publica as a thing held in common by many people. So where does the public aspect of architecture reside and how is it calibrated? The conference features investigations into these themes by writers, critics and practitioners from Ireland, the UK, Europe and beyond.


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Registration is open and will close on 19th January 2018.

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Header Image: Rebecca Jane McConnell

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