Forbes Massie – ‘Designing our World’ Lecture

Forbes Massie – ‘Designing our World’ Lecture


Forbes Massie – Designing our World Lecture Series

Title: Designing our World

Date: Thursday 8th March 2018

Time: 17:30

Location: David Keir Building, Lecture Theatre. DKB.OG.012

Queen’s Architecture Society (ArcSoc) is delighted to invite you to a public talk by internationally acclaimed architectural visualisation artist Forbes Massie.

“Our style is always referred to as painterly and atmospheric. With careful consideration of composition, light, colour and tone, we are able to make images that are completely seductive.” Forbes Massie

Forbes Massie launched his visualisation studio in 2003, after studying product design. Since then the office has grown to include over 15 artists, specialising in crafted imagery for architectural practices including McGonigle McGrath, Duggan Morris and Carmody Groarke.

Forbes Massies’ style of visualisation goes beyond the superficial nature of most modern commercial imagery. Their work seeks to explore and represent the phenomenological qualities of imagined space, resulting in a reciprocal relationship between the imagined and the realised.

In exploring the interrelationship between the conjecture, construction and perception, Forbes Massie have published three books chronicling the work of the studio; ‘Perception of Reality, 2015’, ‘Seduction of Light, 2016’ and ‘Harmony of Colour, 2017’.

For further information about Forbes Massie, click here.

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