StreetSpace Workshop Press Release

StreetSpace Workshop Press Release


We are pleased to communicate that the StreetSpace Workshop in Belfast City Hall and exhibition in PLACE was a success last week. The international and interdisciplinary event had a total of 50 participants and 30 visitors from 8 countries and 14 disciplines, including architects, artists, civil servants, planners and academics among many others. The two days of stimulating discussions and mappings produced 6 new maps for Belfast City Centre, highlighting diversity, sensory experiences, hidden histories, a cultural audit, and other new perspectives to understand and potentially occupy the city with start up and pop up interventions.

The events and publication were sponsored by Department for Communities, hosted by Belfast City Council and supported by the Culture and Society Cluster at Queen’s University Belfast.

StreetSpace is a research and teaching project started in 2012 at QUB, led by Dr. Agustina Martire. The project seeks to understand the significance of mixed use streets, by analysing their physical, historical and experiential aspects. This multidisciplinary and international project aims to provide an alternative way of planning, preserving and developing streets. This time we set up a two-day workshop to explore the complexity of local mixed use streets in Belfast. We explored North Street and Castle Street, and the potential for projects that provide fair, accessible and diverse streets for all. Based on the one-year live project between students of the MArch/MSc Urban Design and Regeneration and Department for Communities/Belfast City Council, we develop a series of activities that led us to 6 new maps of North Street and Castle Street. The maps and proposals of the project are exhibited together with the new set of maps produced in the workshop. The exhibition is held in PLACE from Friday 22 June until August 24. It is free and open to the public.

If you are interested in the project, please contact Agustina via

The website will be updated shortly with all material from the exhibition. See for more details.

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