QUB Lecturers Speak at Architecture at the Edge Festival 2020

QUB Lecturers Speak at Architecture at the Edge Festival 2020


Lecturers Agustina Martire and Jane Larmour and Guest Lecturer Aisling Rusk spoke at the Architecture at the Edge Festival in October.

From the Architecture at the Edge website:

For the past three years Architecure at the Edge has hosted talks and tours, open doors to buildings and invited the public to engage with architecture and their built environment. We believe in the importance of critical understanding and therefore being able to work together towards better quality in our built environment.

Our programme brings together many of the different people who make and shape the rural environment, our towns and cities, from architects and educators, to developers and local authorities, and fundamentally the communities that live there. Our events, exhibitions, talks and festival aim to platform these different voices and empower them to create places that meet all our diverse needs as citizens.

The theme of this year’s festival was Boundaries. Jane and Aisling contributed to the session Women At The Edge – Martina Murphy, Aisling Rusk, Jane Larmour & Tara Kennedy while Agustina contributed to the session Outside the Red Line – Design Review for Sandy Road. Watch the presentations here and here respectively.

Agustina Martire (centre below) runs the StreetSpace Research Project at Queen’s: the project investigates the significance of local mixed streets through their urban form, histories and experiences.

Jane Larmour (left) is Cofounder and Director of Arigho Larmour Wheeler Architects.

Aisling Rusk (right) is Founder and Director of Studio Idir.

Jane larmour, agustina martire, aisling rusk



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