Project Management in China: Siqi Pei

Project Management in China: Siqi Pei

Where are they now?

I studied for the Masters of BIM and Project Management at Queen’s University Belfast in 2017. Through my year in QUB, I had a more profound understanding of the complete system in BIM. Besides, I have been awarded as International Student Ambassador by EPS Faculty for QUB.

I had previously worked with a world’s tier 1 design firm and a British engineering consultancy in the roles of the structural designer and building surveyor, then back to China after 6 years of living in Ireland. I am now is a project manager in Arcadis, the leading global natural and built asset design and consultancy firm.

At Arcadis, I managed multiple teams on design, BIM and construction management in two mega-sized projects. These are Shanghai IKEA LIVAT LK project and BMW New 5 & X5 Shenyang DaDong Plant project. I helped BMW completing the BIM management system and its BIM standards throughout the design to operation, led the client’s IT development team on establishing the digital platform, and collaborated with project stakeholders on delivering the project success.

Considering the digital demands of the global AEC industry and with the aim to further develop our business in China market form, I am currently involving with the Arcadis Asia digital transformation work and supporting the implementation of “BMW 2022 Digital Campus”.

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