Crafting Urban Identities: Leonard Chipawa

Crafting Urban Identities: Leonard Chipawa

Where are they now?

Leonard graduated from Queen’s University in 2020 and was a teaching assistant in the same programme. Throughout his Master’s degree in Architecture, Leonard developed a passion for deconstructing complex topics related to climate change and the built environment, equipping him with the confidence to engage with projects large and small, conceptual or detailed.

Since graduating from Queens, he has worked on large scale projects focused on sustainability and socially cohesive communities applying synthesis methods developed in his Master’s dissertation.

From Manchester to London to the cities of Asia and the Gulf, dramatically changing skylines are a clear testament to the ambition and scale of redevelopment and expansion that our urban areas are currently undergoing. Yet, despite this geographic diversity, much of what is being built looks the same. Leonard is interested in the role architects can play to counter generic developments in the design of growing cities in a climate-changing world.

Leonard works with Allies and Morrison Architects in London on a wide range of large scale sustainable projects. He is currently exploring the role of universities as urban catalysts and the use of design to nurture this valuable reciprocity between university and city.

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