Building Information Modelling (BIM) Project Management MSc


This one-year full time / two-year part time Masters programme equips students to become project managers, using the building information modelling process and tools. Graduates should be able to balance theory and practice, and understand the technical, process and management side of building information modelling for project management.

Lectures are given by a mixture of academic staff and partners from industry who have first-hand experience of delivering BIM projects at the ‘coal face.’ A number of the modules are shared with the sister, construction project management programme.

Due to the fast changing world of digital construction, modules are under constant development and review. The most recent module on the course Emerging Digital Technology examines the potential of industry 4.0 to disrupt existing construction practice, using technology including AR and VR, drones, photogrammetry and laser scanning.


Course Director:
Tara Brooks
Ron Coates
Stephen McIlwaine
Xianhai Meng

BIM Modules

Project Co-ordination, Planning and Control
This module provides students with an understanding of the fundamental principles underpinning construction coordination, project management and implementation of information in Project Management

Emerging Digital Technology
This module is designed to investigate the new technologies which are emerging in the field of BIM and Digital Construction, examining the potential of technology to disrupt the construction industry. Students will be encouraged to investigate the wider potential of these emerging technologies, whilst at the same time assessing barriers to implementation.

Project Planning for Sustainability
The need for infrastructure to be sustainable is one of the driving factors behind project planning, design, construction and operation. This module covers areas including: development of the concept of sustainability; project appraisal for sustainability; implications for project design, construction and operation; managing environmental and social risks and stakeholder engagement.

Build Info Model in Practice
This module is designed to develop students’ comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles of BIM implementation in practice, including regulation, processes and standards.

Tech BIM Implementation
This module is designed to develop students’ comprehensive understanding of the detailed principles of BIM implementation using a suite of software packages; both architectural and engineering, in the development of intelligent 3D models.

Research Methods for Managers
The module deals with the first principles of research including formulation of research questions, hypothesis and objectives. Literature reviews, referencing, data collection using interviews and survey, questionnaire design, statistical analysis using SPSS and developing statistical modules, qualitative data analysis inferences and conclusions from the analysed data are covered.

Procurement Contract Admin and Law
This module provides an understanding of procurement, contract law, negligence and contract administration, and its application within the construction context. It covers legal frameworks governing public sector procurement, and procurement and tendering procedures.

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