Layers of Time – Seeking Continuity

Donal Colfer

The physical characteristics and resulting relationships established with the inherited conditions of the natural landscape impact ways of building that emerge. Geology, climate and the effect of weathering determine spatial dimensions while providing composition or language. The sum of these readings and a sensitivity to their qualities inform a highly personal approach to architecture or making. It questions what has value in the existing built fabric and how to work with, add to, or adjust, the elements encountered while examining the possibility of an architectural position that is both rational and intuitive. This research involves the re-viewing of a region. Purposefully describing an architecture that is weighed down with a culture of making through necessity. An archeology informed by place which acts as a framework to engage with a community. Looking to the past to find common ground in order to gain trust through giving embodied knowledge a renewed consciousness, while also generating significance for a practice responding to necessary socio-cultural requirements.

A digital resource communicating the work of Architecture at Queen's University Belfast