Mark M. Campbell

Lecturer in Architecture

Mark Mukherjee Campbell is a lecturer at Queen’s where he lectures on global architectural history and theory and teaches design.

Mark completed his PhD, entitled Dwelling in Kolkata: Spaces of difference, migration and hybridity at the University of Strathclyde, and is currently writing a book based on his thesis for a series on urbanism and architecture in the Global South.

He has also published a book chapter entitled Unhomely Desire: Dismantling the Walls of Difference in Gora’s Kolkata, in Sarah Edwards and Johnathan Charley, eds, Writing the Modern City: Literature, Architecture, Modernity.

Mark’s research interests include globalisation and its spatial consequences; migrant urbanisms; colonial and postcolonial urban histories and futures; sustainable urbanism and housing; and literary and cinematic representations of the city.

Prior to undertaking a PhD, Mark studied architecture at the University of Strathclyde before working in a number of practices in Glasgow and Berlin.

Mark M. Campbell, Lecturer in Architecture

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