Stephen McIlwaine

Stephen McIlwaine is a Chartered Engineer with a PhD in renewable energy from Queen’s. He spent some time in the UK working on the design and construction of marine, wastewater and flood protection schemes, but his focus and interest shifted towards the management of environmental and social implications of infrastructure projects, particularly in developing countries. He spent 20 years living and working on projects outside the UK, in areas including water & wastewater, ports, mining, waste management, energy, tourism and urban development. He has wide project experience in the Middle East/Gulf/North Africa and some experience working in Africa, Central Asia and Europe. He has a particular interest in improving how multidisciplinary and multi-cultural teams work.

He joined the team at Queen’s in 2019 and is currently lecturing on environmental and social management, sustainability and strategic planning on the Construction & Project Management Masters programme. His research interests include adapting water management policies to reduce demand, strengthening incentives for developers and contractors to manage environmental risks better, and improving how financial markets can have a more positive impact on the biophysical environment and affected communities.

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