Tom Jefferies

Tom Jefferies is Professor of Future Cities in the School of Natural and Built Environment, a prize-winning architect and urban designer. Prior to joining Queen’s University Belfast Tom was Head of the Manchester School of Architecture, and Birmingham School of Architecture. He has taught, lectured and examined internationally.

Tom’s design research investigates relationships between culture, space, landscape process and architecture to propose new forms of contemporary urbanism. Expertise in architecture, urban design, landscape, master planning and design codes, architectural history, theory and context, sustainability and heritage enables symbiosis between research and inter-disciplinary practice to generate new understanding of lived space.

Current work explores complex issues of dispersed and distributed urbanisms in low density areas and dynamic territorial contexts including Brexit and the UK/RoI border, the Scottish Highlands and Cornwall. This proposes new globally applicable models of urban operation and architectural spatial types bridging physical and digital space. This recognises similarities we can observe in across diverse regions and places, whilst critically addressing the importance of culturally generated ways of using, applying and embodying technologies through architecture, infrastructures and the lived environment.

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